Spinal Stabilization

Lumbar Stabilization back pain muscle control training

Spinal Stabilization:  Specific exercises, tailored to the individual needs of each patient, are used to train the deep stabilizing muscles around the spine.


■ Your Physical Therapist evaluates your muscle control and painful spinal positions to avoid flare-ups.

■ Exercise progression is based on your individual progress

■ Education through a “Back School” is offered monthly

■  A long-term solution to back pain, NOT a quick fix!  This training builds independence and self-management!



Fast Facts

· 80% of the general population will suffer a debilitating back injury during their lifetime.

· After a first-time injury,  strength and coordination of your deep spinal stabilizers does not return to normal even when you are pain-free.  This often leads to a second injury.

· Specific stabilization exercise for low-back pain has proven more effective than general exercise techniques.


Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging:

· Rehabilitative ultrasound can help in the assessment of pelvic floor and deep abdominal    muscle function.

· The real time ultrasound unit enables visual imaging of the muscles as they contract making it a great assessment and teaching tool. 

· This is a NON-INVASIVE way to make sure you’re using the correct muscles in the right way.