Our Philosophy


Our History:

  We are an independent, privately owned practice located in East Wenatchee, Washington.  We have served residents of North Central Washington since 1991 and continue to thrive on providing quality patient care. 


Our Philosophy:

· We are private practitioners who thrive on providing high quality care to our patients.

· We strive to utilize the most up-to-date research for treatment planning so that you will have an optimal outcome.

· Thorough evaluation of every patient and clear communication with any referring physician are the keys to patient success.

· Long-term follow-through: We want to see you recover fully and find your greatest potential for getting back to the things you enjoy.  We want to be a resource for you and your family.


 Our Commitment:

  Associates in Physical Therapy believes that the patient-therapist relationship is the keystone of care.  We will provide the highest quality physical therapy services with excellence and integrity.  Our staff is committed to providing a personalized experience for every patient, being sensitive to individual needs.  We integrate the art of caring with the science of healing.