Post-Surgical Care

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation following a surgery is often the key to regaining full function.  If you have undergone a surgery that required a period of immobilization then you likely have a loss of muscle strength, endurance and overall function.  We work with you to regain function after a surgery so that you can return to normal life activities.


 Common surgical procedures that often require Physical Therapy include:

    -Total Knee Replacement

    -Total Hip Replacement

    -Knee or Shoulder arthroscopic surgery

    -Rotator cuff repair

    -Fracture stabilization (i.e. open reduction and fixation with hardware)

    -Foot surgery (bunionectomy, reconstruction, etc.)

    -Spine surgery (discectomy, laminectomy, spinal fusion, etc.)

    -Tendon repair (Achilles, biceps, etc.




*These are some common procedures that require Physical Therapy, but your surgeon will help you determine whether you need rehabilitation.  If you have questions about your recovery feel free to call and talk with one of our Physical Therapists about what to expect.