Game Plan Screening

Game Plan Screening


Get your GamePlan after an injury


What is a GamePlan injury screening?

If you've been injured, it's not always easy to figure out what to do next. Do you need to rest, push yourself harder, see a doctor, get physical therapy? We help you determine your GamePlan.


We provide a free 15 minute consultation with a Physical Therapist to determine whether you need a full Physical Therapy Evaluation or further medical consultation for your injury. This screening is not appropriate for a chronic problem (present >6 weeks) or for medical emergencies. No treatment will be provided during this visit other than general advice.


What happens after the screening?

Your Therapist will give you advice regarding further follow-up. If your injury is expected to heal without intervention, then no follow-up is needed. If your Therapist recommends you see a Medical Doctor, you will be advised to make an appointment. If your injury is appropriate to be managed by your Physical Therapist, you will be scheduled for a full Physical Therapy Evaluation involving a more in-depth examination, assessent and treatment plan.


How do I schedule a GamePlan Screening?

Call AIPT at 884-1437 to schedule this 15 minute consultation.


Get your GamePlan in place and let us help you get back in motion!






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