Vestibular Rehab

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Addressing balance, dizziness and coordination to restore optimal function. 




Your balance and vestibular system work together to orient your body and keep you upright. Your Physical Therapist will evaluate which contributing factors are causing your symptoms and help you personalize a home program to decrease or eliminate symptoms. If symptoms cannot be eliminated, your therapist will help you with compensatory strategies to deal with symptoms that might be long-term. We work with your doctor to ensure the best outcome possible.



What to Expect:

■ Your initial appointment will be a thorough evaluation of possible causes of your dizziness, imbalance and/or disequilibrium.

■ Expect that your therapist will have to bring on your symptoms to identify what is causing it.

■ Treatment duration will depend on your evaluation, your goals and your progress. Often, dizziness is treated with just 1-3 visits, but other problems take longer.

■ Your therapist will communicate with your doctor to keep them informed of your progress.


Factors that may reduce balance and physical equilibrium:

· Weakness

· Medications

· Lack of coordination

· Poor Posture

· Fear of falling

· Other medical conditions (i.e. stroke, diabetes)